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Server & Network Management:

Making a network perform reliably only takes a few techniques. Learning those techniques and understanding how to best apply them takes years. Spinnerdog's network management experience spans more than two decades and includes a solid working knowledge of all modern Operating Systems. Environments for which we have managed servers and networks include:

  • General administrative and day to day office functions.
  • Windows file, print and Active Directory services.
  • Linux for web services and development environments.
  • Email Servers - Exchange for Windows and Sendmail Linux.

Technical Problem Solving:

Do you have a technical problem that just won't go away?  We often encounter clients caught between vendors.   The network vendor says it's the software and the software vendor says it's network.  With our experience in network based application development we can help.


Technologies are constantly converging and evolving.  So are we.  As the technology chages we adapt and focus on delivering solutions that improve business processes.


The Internet services market is rapidly evloving. Ideas that were good as little as two years ago may no longer be cost effective.

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