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Double Dog Pair

Two Servers Ensure Success.

Double Dog Pairs consist of two redundant servers.  Each night the second server duplicates all data residing on the primary/production server.   If problems arise you simply begin using the second server and place a service call.


A single high performance server can leave you stranded if it goes down.  With two servers in a Double Dog Pair loosing a server doesn't impact productivity.


Each night the secondary server wakes up and duplicates the data residing on the master.  If the master goes down everybody simply works off the secondary server.


The Double Dog Pair is specifically tuned for file serving and offers no option for adding software that can conflict with serving files. This produces a clear definition of function and eliminates network anomalies.

Disaster Resistant:

When Double Dog Pair are installed in multiple locations they can be configured to exchange data on a schedule basis. This means even fire or flood wouldn't cause data loss if one of your locations sruvived.

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